About The Artist


Helen Miranda is a vibrant Queer Latinx artist hailing from Central Florida, whose artistic journey evolved from crafting masks during the pandemic with her mother to expressing herself through colorful abstract art.Inspired by her Colombian roots and the lively atmosphere of Medellin, as well as mid-century modern art, Helen's work bursts with bold hues and free-flowing forms.


As a self-taught artist, they explore various mediums, from ceramics to acrylics and digital art, with a recent venture into mural painting. Her debut commercial mural at Skyebird in East End Market was celebrated for its stylized, vibrant fruits, reflecting her signature aesthetic.Drawing on her background in photography and hospitality, Helen infuses her interactions with market-goers with fun and enthusiasm. Her experience in these fields not only makes engaging with customers enjoyable but also allows her to create entertaining videos for her social media platforms, further showcasing her vibrant personality and creative flair.


Helen's ultimate goal with her art is to brighten people's days and make each space happier with what she creates. Through her vibrant and uplifting pieces, she aims to spread joy and positivity, leaving a lasting impact on those who encounter her work.Her creations, including stickers, pins, and hand-painted accessories, have garnered acclaim at local markets and beyond, with wholesale distribution reaching shops in Florida and even Astoria, Queens.


Committed to community engagement, they donate proceeds from their annual pride stickers to support LGBTQ+ organizations in Orlando, exemplifying their dedication to spreading joy and positivity through their art.In addition, their art business "Cover Yo Space Gurl," which they started, launched in 2021, has further solidified their impact on the artistic landscape. Stay tuned as she continues to brighten spaces and hearts in Orlando, leaving an indelible mark on the creative scene.